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psych100-development psych

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Sherry Fukuzawa

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- emotionally - cognitive- children think differently from adults - moral capacity - personality development - change can be continuous or discontinuous nature and nurture - sensitive and maybe critical periods - both sensitive and critical-language - critical-vision in cats (for the first 4 months) - critical - there is a critical period for schizo (but you won't see it until you're older) - genie (critical language) - language exposure? - can never speak like a normal person (about 2y) - she did make games regarding language-makes it questionable - Measeals - can result to retardation if contracted during fetal periods developmental methodology - cross sectional methods - useful for assessing a age differences - not good for age changes - eg. (5, 10, 15) years-5y old has the least ability ect - however they are not from the same cohort so it's problematic - longitudinal method - same group of people over time - useful for age changes - problems - one cohort...not open to social/tech changes - takes too long... - costly - sequential methods - different age groups at multiple time points - reduce cohort effects - combining cross sectional and longitudinal - similar probs with longitudinal method physical development - prenatal period - germainal period (1st 2 weeks after conception) - tails - 1 in 5 pregnancy end without the person knowing i - embryonic period (3rd to 8th weeks of gestation) - semi human form 1 in 3rd miscarriages - brain and heart, eyes... - - physically and mentally traumatizin - fetal period (from 9 weeks to birth) - critical periods of vulnerability teratogens - outside agents that harm the fetus - viruses ect...alcohol - fetal alcohol syndrome: - can lead to abnormal physical development and learning disabilities - seem to depend on the person? - women who drink a little might have reaction - women who drink a lot might now - crack cocaine - expose fetus and born with addiction - alters motor and emotional development - malnutrition - should take folic acid and take vitamins ect - but that's not true around the world - falitamite - reduce morning sickness - but babies were effected horribly - physical deformities - this was becausein thepast that drugswere tested only with adultmen - settlement wasn't over until after 50 years - smoking-second hand smoke - higher rates miscarriages - higher rates of still birth - higher rates premature birth - SIDs (suddent Infent deaths) - allergies - ADHD - Rubella and cifilus, HIV, Aids, ect - can be contracted by fetus - genetic abnormalities - down syndrome - PKu-rare but easy to treat etc. Infant reflexes - reflexes are innate - motor responses elicited by critical stimuli - are adaptive - babies were carried in the past - evolutional development - rooting reflex - touches on the cheek guide there mouth towards the source - sucking reflex motor development - tactile stimulation of the mouth produces rhythmic sucking - - lifts change (2 months) - sits alone (5 months) - stands with support (6 months) - walks with support (9 months) - stands alone (11 m
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