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Alireza N Haghighi

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CHANAPSTuesday Nov252003Notes from Lab Exam Review SeminarSemester 1FORMATEach Response will be graded out of 8 points4 Points Contentie RelevanceDepth4 PointsLiteracy ie ExpressionOrganizationTotal of 4 QuestionsPAST EXAM QUESTIONS12 Years Old Describe the importance of the classical conditioning phase of training Sniffy to press a lever under continuous reinforcement conditions What criterion did we adopt to decide if Sniffy had finished that phase How would you decide that with a real rat2Describe how practice effects and the difficulty of the distraction task were controlled for in the motor skills experiment What were the reasons for controlling these variables3Why are subjects asked to stare at a fixation point during the hemispheric specialization tasks How is this critical to test the degree of lateralized function4How did we measure the effect of distraction on eye hand coordination in the motor skills experiment Describe the means by which we controlled for progressive and random errorMichael Thomas Email FreudianCigar2002yahoocaSample Questions Available httpwwwutmutorontocaw3psylabSLTQhtmlDatasphereNotes from LabsLAB 1 SCIENTIFIC METHODAND STATISTICAL ANALYSIS GENERALPsychology is the scientific study of behaviorScientificScientific Method Behaviordirectly measurable TERMINOLOGY Counterbalancingie abba technique which ensures that all conditions benefit equally from practice as you progress through the experiment Consider Why do we counterbalance Because of Progressive Error ie Practice EffectIndependent Variable x modifiesDependant Variable y measures of success We measure y 2x once wx and once without x ie PreTestPost Test Method Used to test for validityControl Variable z Controls Extraneous circumstancesProgressive ErrorLearning from practice Dartboard ExampleRandom Errorunforeseen factors Golf ball ExampleEliminated through finding means avg performing many trials and eliminating outliers18
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