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Chapter 7 - Human Memory November 7, 2011 Confabulation - think you remember, but just making it up Why do we confabulate remembering things that don't exist? - we have specific assumptions of what something should be and conform to those assumptions "Memory goes where attention flows" Memory - can't remember smell, but can recognize it Encoding - attention is a limited skill - no memory without attention Levels of Processing -Automatic processing in the most shallowest form -Phonemic encoding involves repetition (long process, not very efficient) -Deep processing gets better results Facilitating Encoding - Elaboration: examples - Self Referential Encoding: remember information better if it relates to us - Rehearsal and Over-learning: not most efficient use of time - Deep Processing: take something old and attach to new thing to help remember - Transfer Appropriate Processing: don't study the same way for every test (study m/c Qs if m/c test; short answer test, ask Q c if can answer)- Distributed practice: don't do cram sessions, spread out studying over the week (study time in half, study everyday) - if u put in effort early, less anxiety l
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