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Chapter 6 - Learning October 24, 2011 Learning - we are continuously conditioned (e.g. advertising) - behaviourism: its our experiences who shape what we are - two extremes of the spectrum: instinct and environment (we are in between) Classical Conditioning - Reflexes: we are predisposed to fear snakes and spiders more than dogs (these are unconditioned b/c we're born with it) - mosquitoes and mice also feared b/c disease carriers - We change as a result of changes in our environment - acquisition: neutral stimulus takes on active response (becomes conditioned response) Acquisition and Extinction - when you experience an intense emotion, if you don't exp. it again it will stay intense - when you continuously confront the experience, it gets extinguished over time ex. specific times for eating, huge amount of cash, etc. Stimulus Generalization and Discrimination - Stimulus generalization: organism thats been conditioned to a certain stimulus (ex. bell) will respond to similar stimulus (bell w/ diff. tone) Classical Conditioning Issues - Advertising: most based on classical conditioning - ex. kittens and toilet paper - ex. beer commercial - Watson took a baby (little Albert) gave him a white rat to play with. - when rat come close, Watson hits gong, makes baby cry - now Albert scared of the rat, when he gets away from it he feels a lot better Study: - giving mice immunosuppressant drug (testing new drug) - sweetened it w/saccharin to make taste better - mice start dying - saccarin became reason b/c mice conditioned to reduce immune system functioning when paired w/ saccarin Phobias: - when making someone confront their fear need to make sure its beneficial to patient, person knows what their doing, and safe environment - phobias only mental disorder that can be cured Conditioned Taste Aversion - There are biological constraints (as a result of evolution) to our learning - novel: something that hasn't been experienced
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