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LECTURE 4 SENSATION AND PERCEPTION PsychophysicsSensation is the stimulation of sense organs o How we take energy from world and convert into neural impulseso The same for all of us how we take info from world eyessoundPerception is the selection organization and interpretation of sensory input o Based on own unique genetic deposition and unique interaction with environment o Everyone pays attention to different things o Change perspective all the timeo Senses can be easily fooled illusions As soon as we see something we change it See same colour wavelength but is your red my redIgnore 90 percent of timeOverstimulation leads to all kinds of problemsWe should be able to see candle flame 50 km away Tick of watch 6m away taste tsp of sugar Smell perfumeThresholdsSensory receptors are tuned to a particular form of energyAuditory receptors in the ear code for sound pressure changes not for lightSensory systems require a minimum amount of energy for activation absolute thresholdAbsolute threshold arbitrary standardized minimum amount of stimulation necessary to detect object 50 of the timeJustnoticeable difference JND The minimum difference in stimulation that is just noticeableWhen 0 intensity to stimulus any addition makes difference But when already have intensity doesnt make diff Greater original stimulus intensity greater energy needed to add to see difference o Weber noted that the JND is a constant fraction of the original stimulus intensity the fraction is different for different sensesWeber fraction 110 To notice it got louder add 1 dB
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