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Lecture 5 ConsciousnessWilliam James 1890 o Consciousness is a constantly moving stream of thoughts feelings and emotions o Focus on looking for threat Attention is a limited resource only have so much control of it Dividing attention means dividing performance as you are distracted Consciousness can be viewed as our subjective awareness of mental events o I feel sad happy cold confident Means different to each individualFunctions of consciousnessMonitoring mental eventsControl consciousness allows us to formulate and reach goalswhere am I going to put attentionConsciousness may have evolved to direct or control behavior in adaptive waysit is usefulCortex and ConsciousnessThe dorsolateral prefrontal cortex is activated during conscious control tasksSubjects asked to name the ink color in the Stroop task below have difficulty when the word name and color are differentAllows us to see cognitive biases Perception is unique and different People who are depressed automatically pay more attention to sad things notice the badThis colornaming task was associated with activation of the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex More activity in this area more likely to control attention One hemisphere controls language left and right controls colour recognitionAttentionOur conscious awareness is limited in capacity and we are aware of only a small amount of the stimuli around us at any one timeAttention refers to the process by which we focus our awareness
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