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Lecture 6 LearningLearning refers to an enduring change in the way an organism responds based on its experience o Understanding experience Distinct from o Drug effects caffeineinduced jitters are not learning o Fatigue or illnessThree assumptions of learning theoriesResponses are learned rather than innateBehaviors argue that psychoanalysis igsegos doesnt seem scientific Need to look at what happens after all behaviour is shaped by consequences Reward do it again Behaviorists say everything we are is what we experienced in this world believed by Watson Now nature vs nurture debate is overeverything is combination DNA blueprint which interacts w envLearning is adaptiveOur experiments can uncover the laws of learning o These laws will apply to animals and to humans humans are animalsClassical ConditioningThe Russian physiologist Pavlov noted that reflexive salivation in dogs could be elicited by stimuli associated with feeding o Noted that dogs hooked up to test tubes in salivary glands when he opens cupboard dogs start salivating Rings bells gives them food Next time just ring bell and the dogs salivate as if they have gotten food Pavlov created an associationo Based on preordained responses Reflex behaviour Response that is reliably elicited by a stimulus o Food elicits salivation o Air puff elicits eye blinkcant stop it Reflexive stimulus and response are unconditionedUnconditioned ex Stimulus Food And did not do anything to condition Response salivation Neutral stimulus is referred to as the conditioned stimulus CSConditioned response not natural Ring bell Bell which was neutral stimuli is conditional now and brings reflexive response and this is when classical conditioning has occurred CS is paired with the UCS over many trialsEventually comes to elicit a conditioned response CR resembles the UCR
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