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Lecture 2

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Bruce Schneider

Lecture 2 - September 13, 2012 Designing an Experiment: Single Group Design  the group is usually a population od individuals  interested in an attribute, characteristic, or behaviour of members of groups  need to define how the attribute will be measured  a population of measures is the set of measurements on every member of the group  if the measure can be repeated by a #, then we need to know the precision of the measure  a sample is a subset of measures from the population of measures  the sample should be as random as possible  ask how are the measures in a sample distributed, so construct a frequency histogram Measurement precision  suppose we measure heart rate to the nearest 10th of a beat /second  our measures are carried out to 2 decimal points  measurement precision = 2  measurement precision = 0 when measuring to nearest beat /sec  precision of -2 when 1st two digits to the left not being used (TV price $100 dollar increments) Constructing a frequency histogram for numerical measures  determine meas. precision  break sample of measures down into reasonable # of categories (5-20 depending on sample size)  rule of thumb for # of cats: t
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