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PSY100 lab 4

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Bruce Schneider

PSY100Y5 Introduction to Psychology - 2010-2011 LAB 4: Sniffy - OPERANT CONDITIONING (Read the Sniffy Manual, pp. 41-72 for the LAB TEST !!!) TERMINOLOGY: 1) Magazine training - turning the food delivery sound into a Secondary Reinforcer 2) Shaping Bar Pressing - using positive reinforcement to train new behaviours 3) Cumulative Record - tracking Sniffy's bar presses on a printer-like apparatus 4) Extinction of Bar Pressing - when the behaviour no longer produces any rewards 5) Spontaneous Recovery - the reappearance of the behaviour after extinction and timeout --------------------------------------------------------------------- EXPERIMENTAL QUESTION: What is the effect of X on Y while controlling for Z? or more specifically today... What is the effect of shaping procedures on Sniffy's bar-pressing rate while controlling for hunger? We have 1 IV (X) - Before vs. After training procedures (a pretest-posttest design!) We have 1 DV (Y) - Rate of bar pressing behaviour (bar presses per minute) We have 2 CVs (Z) - the animal is motivated to find food (always hungry - every bar press gets rewarded (continuous reinforcement or CRF) -------------------------------------------------------------------- HOW TO SPEED UP TRAINING - Begin with a new rat and immediately start feeding him. HINT 1 - When shaping, don't miss any opportunities to reward a target action. HINT 2 - When the target behaviour is rearing at the back wall, occasionally give him food just so that Sniffy goes to the hopper to eat. HINT 3 - When he is starting to press the bar himself let him press it before you do, so that he trains himself. -------------------------------------------------------------------- SUMMARY of STEPS: (WRITE YOUR RESULTS ON THIS SHEET AS YOU GO) Follow procedures outlined in the Sniffy Lite manual Page 41 to 72. Run "Sniffy Lite 2.0" in the Sniffy Lite Folder (and set up the windows you want to see on screen) 1) PRETEST - record the number of barpr
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