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Elizabeth Johnson

Bilingualism does not interfere with performance in either language • Vocabulary size • Code switching< like cc Children fluent 2 languages exhibit superior • Attention control • Concept formation • Analytical reasoning • Cognitive flexibility Can children tv perception improve language processing? • Do not learn from watching tv • No screen time for under 2 • Baby Mozart has been sued for making claims about their videos Can children learn from children tv? • Tested 12-18 months • No more learning than controlled • Best learning in children who played with adults Is the object choice paradigms the only way to test comprehension children? Is there another way to test it? Comprehension at 6 months of age, infant looks at mom upon hearing mommy They show this effect regardless adult or baby feet At 6 months, children know more words then their parents think, not just proper names and body parts. Cognitive development -jean piaget What is the origin of knowledge ? • Worked with Alfred binet in france on developmental of standardized IQ tests • Career was launched thanks to keen power of observation Method • Observation -> how they changed • Interviews Thought the child as scientists • Assimilation: occurs when new experiences are readily incorporated into a chi8ld's existing theories • Accommodation: theories are modified on experience • Equilibrium: assimilated most of theories but sometimes have to accommodate their theories to adjust to new experiences. • Periodically, children realize current theories are inadequate, spending more time commendation then assimilation • Disequilibrium appears, most recognize theories in a progress known as equilibriumization. Very major changes in the way children view and think about the world that occur three times <2,7,11> 1. Sensorimotor <0-2> 2. Pre-operational <2-7> 3. Concrete operational <7-11> 4. Formal operations <11+> Sensorimotor stage: • Birth to two years • Infants knowledge of the world based on senses and motor stages. • Six substages: 1. Reflex act,1month 2. Primary circular reactions, 1-4 mon 3. Secondary circular reactions, 4-8 mon 4. 5. 6. Object permanence test : • The realization of object continue to exist when tey are n longer visible • Before 5-6 months children don’t search for objects are hidden from the view. • By about 8 months • But infants make the a not b error • Infants will often search for hidden objects where they found it previously rather than here they last saw it placed. Summary of sensorimotor stage • Sensory inputs and motor capabilities become coordinated • Learn more by acting on it • Knowledge is sensorimotor infant becomes more and more intensional, differentiating means and ends Pre-operational stage • 2-7 yrs.
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