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Lecture 9

Lecture 9

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Elizabeth Johnson

PSY210H5Introduction to Developmental Psychology Lecture 9March 11 2014Major Questions in the Study of Intelligence What is IntelligencePsychologists do not completely agree about how to define and measure intelligence But many tests assume to measure intelligence in infants children and adults Some consensus among general public university students and psychologistsPeople generally agree that three behaviours are involvedoProblemsolving abilitiesoVerbal abilityoSocial competence More questionsoAre differences in intelligence caused by environmental factors genetic factors or bothoAre these differences permanent or can they be changedIssues Defining Theories of IntelligenceIs intelligence unitary or multifacetedIs it determined by genetic or environmental factorsDoes it predict success in school as well as success outside of schoolPSYCHOMETRICSPsychometricsMeasurement of psychological traitsabilitiesUsing standardized tests to identify individual differences Psychometrician designer of intelligence tests always guides by a particular theory of intelligenceTest Norms are the values or sets of values that describe the typical performance of a specific group of people page 392Test Validity and Reliability Validity is the extent to which a test actually measures what it claims to measure pg 393Reliability is the degree to which a test yield consistent results over successive administrations pg 393Psychometrics vs PiagetIndividual differences rather than commonalities in developmentQuantitative rather than qualitativeConcerned with products IQ scores rather than underlying processesPragmatic rather than theoretical THEORIES OF INTELLIGENCE Concepts of IntelligenceSpearman 1904oIntelligence is essentially unidimensional represented by a general factor gassociated with mental energyoSpecific knowledge and abilities seg verbal reasoning evident in specific tasksog is involved in any task requiring cognitive activity thus performance on different types of tests should be correlated Contemporary Approaches to Intelligence
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