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Marcus Benayon

Self-control: - Consequences: punishment with though - Toddlers: 1-3 y/o; preschoolers 4-6 y/o - Ex: with prof and 9 year old song + swing ride (understand the child to prevent a tantrum - Why are 2 year olds so terrible? Evolutionary, they needed to make a lot of attention to survive - Parenting as a mother and father is a relatively new invention - (its not human nature) - Best parenting: fearful (respectful) of parents + good attachment - Study with adolescent + parental lectures (10 males /10 females, they found that those with parental lectures on dangers of drunk driving and drugs every time they went out were better likely to use self-control) - To make tempting events less attractive, have a good family ad good environment - “just say no” to rugs: not very effective slogan - What is effective: looking to the future YOU Piaget’s views: - all humans are moral (but now we know that all humans are not moral) - 5-7 y/o: will follow rules (realism: defined) ; by the time they are adults, can affect their development - Ex: child soldiers are taught from a young age that killing is acceptable; ex: the teacher that taught the students to spin around before they lined up and students follow this rule even though its irrational - Ex: Texas + capital punishment  yet they have the highest murder rate - In general, human’s goals are to be autonomous Kohlberg: must reason + interact morally - cross cultural evidence is mixed though Gilligan: emphasis on caring and responsibility = COMPASSION - compassion > morals - ex: if on a boa
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