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Lecture 6

Lecture 6- Conformity and Obedience.docx

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Dax Urbszat

UTM Summer 2013- Lecture #6 - Using conformity pressures on people all the time everyday - What are norms? Socially acceptable ways of behaving. Close as we come to unwritten laws/rules. - Ex. Etiquette norms, social norms, waiting in lines, etc. - Conformity is a change in behaviour or beliefs in accord with others. - Why are greetings so important between various cultures? Ingroup vs. outgroup. Identifying who belongs and who doesn’t. - Why do people conform when they know they are wrong? The group takes on a total reality and there isn’t a lot of side. This is what the group is saying, what they’re reality is, the pressure hits. - Conformity often has some benefits. We as humans need the group, we need to live in a group and we cannot survive without conforming to certain norms. - If the person asking you to continue is the researcher vs assistant, we are more likely to comply. - Influence can be completely unintentional and imperceptible on the part of the influencer and influenced. - Trick: suggest someone’s arm is itchy - We carry a primordial fear of being exiled. Due to evolutionary history, you get left out and you die. Humans do not survive well on their own. Acceptance, following social contract, following orders is a life or death behaviour. We still behave that way even though consequences aren’t nearly that
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