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Lecture 5

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Dax Urbszat

UTM summer 2013- Lecture #4 Chapter 3-Behaviour and Attitudes 1) False 2) False 3) True x False 4) False x True 5) False x True 6) False 7) True x False 8) True 9) True - Commercials are constantly pushing us to buy products. - Central route persuasion Is with an audience that is eager to learn. - Peripheral route persuasion (CC mag) - If you wanna sell beer to 19-25 males. The unconditional stimulus is the model. The unconditioned response is that you pair the attractive model and that beer. - You make an excuse as to why you actually buy the beer - Let’s say you have toilet paper and the core audience are women aged 28-55. You use babies, kittens and cute things to trigger the “aww” effect which will make them want to buy the product. - Supermarkets pull out all the stops. Half of supermarkets use the impulse response. No name pharmaceuticals are the smartest thing to do because they are often manufactured by the same companies as the big name brands. The savings are immense but we don’t trust the no-name drugs. We are so easily fooled that sometimes they think that the same products will taste different. - 2 for the price of 1. - Persuasive messaging. If we have people who already believe what you say, you should not include any opposing arguments for them. Persuasion is used for good or evil. It can use as a good way to educate. The difference between education and propaganda is opinion. - We want perceived expertise because that helps. If someone was a grad student versus a PhD, you will pay attention more and then listen and go on. We want someone we can trust, a mechanic who has experience. Attractiveness also helps someone be more persuasive. Who are like us, say they are like us and we want to listen to them. It depends on the situation: religious, ethnic, national or group similarity. - The medium. An active message is more useful than a passive message. Persuasion goes down as the importance of the issue goes up. Ex. Trying to change religion is harder than trying to change someone’s beer brand - When you are active and involved, central route is better. If you are passive, you should try peripheral cues. - Personal influence is more important than media influence when it comes to something that’s important than you. Ex. If a friend recommends it, might be better than a newspaper saying it was a great movie. - Media influence is best for peripheral/shallow for things that are not important to us. However if we are tired, angry, nervous, we are just as easily influences by shallow, superficial cues. - LIVE seems to be the best media. Research suggests that the best way to convey info that sticks is LIVE, then video, then audio and then written is last. Written is the best when recalling comprehension when necessary. - If the audience is an analytical audience, it will be different talk than that of someone who is a student. - It is important to know the
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