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Emily Impett

LEC 8 STEREOTYPES PREJUDICEDISCRIMINATIONNovember 14 2013Every yearmore than half a million college students are targets of biasdriven slurs or physical assaultsEvery dayat least one hate crime occurs on a college campusEvery minuteA college student sees or hears racist sexist homophobic or otherwise biased words or imagesExamplesDartmouth CollegeSeveral fraternitiessororities threw a ghetto party where white students dressed as urban African Americans and a Sorority held a slave auction as a fundraising eventOn the Washroom WallsI cant walk into a bathroom without seeing something like Fags should die Its an everyday experienceGay student quoted in a college newspaperUCLAI hate your race I want you all to die was sent to more than 40 faculty members with Hispanic surnamesStanfordSomeone used permanent markers to scrawl Rape all Asian bitches and other hate messages on campus wallsBig Picture Questions 1 Why do people think feel and act this way 2 Can wecan youdo anything about itPLAN FOR TODAY 1 Build a common vocabularyStereotypes prejudice and discrimination2 Psychological roots of dislike 3 Can we change 1 VOCABULARY People often use the terms stereotype prejudice and discrimination synonymouslyThere terms are all immediately relatedBut they refer to different aspects of disliking othersTHE ABCs OF DISLIKE 1
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