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LECTURE 9 AGGRESSIONALTRUISM The persecution of Jews in the General Government in Polish territory gradually worsened in its cruelty In 1939 and 1940 they were forced to wear the Star of David and were herded together and confined in ghettos In 1941 and 1942 this unadulterated sadism was fully revealed And then a thinking man who had overcome his inner cowardice simply had to help There was no other choice Oskar Schindler 1964 interviewEvery child saved with my help and the help of all the wonderful secret messengers who today are no longer living is the justification of my existence on this earth and not a title to gloryIrena Sendler Letter to Polish Senate 2007 TODAYS PLANPart 1 Aggression Part 2 Violence and the media Part 3 Prosocial BehaviorAGGRESSIONAn intentional action aimed at doing harm or causing pain to another living being who is motivated to avoid such treatmentHostile vs Instrumental SITUATIONAL CAUSESProvocationFrustration HeatAlcoholSocial exclusionAggressive cues media1 PROVOCATIONHow do we respond when provoked o Usually an eye for an eye Dont tend to turn the other cheekWe tend to respond to direct provocations with aggressionWe tend not to reciprocate with aggression if we do not attribute malicious intent it was only an accidentQuotes from GangsIf you slap me Im gonna hit you with my closed fistIf you stab me Im gonna shoot youAn eye for an eye doesnt existits one upOne up is what it is in gang life2 FRUSTRATIONWaiting in Line Study o Confederate cut in front of participants waiting in line to see a movie thndo Person was either 12 in line or 2 in line ndo Target who was 2 in line was more aggressive in response to confederate1
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