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Emily Impett

Lec 3 Schemas, a mental picture of the way things should be, they can be biased, self-fulfilling, influence cognitive processes and behaviour An experiment conducted on classrooms randomly assigned people who are gifted and they received preferential treatment from teachers Heuristics, mental shortcuts that people use to make judgements quickly though sometimes inaccurate(eg. A doctor who looks at a young healthy athletic man who is complaining of chest pains, diagnose is as overexertion yet he actually suffered a heart attack Our processing of our world is both automatic and controlled, we posses the ablity to think effortfully and deliberately about our social world We as social beings constantly try to make sense of other peoples behaviour by making attributions, seeking the cause for something Peoples habitual way of explain events* 1. Internal vs external(is the cause about the self or other people or situation) (eg failure of exam is I didn’t study or question was hard) 2. Stable vs unstable(eg. Failed exam, causes attributed to stable: im not g
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