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University of Toronto Mississauga
Emily Impett

Lec 5 Attitudes and persuasion Attitudes: Affect(emotions), Behaviour, Cognitions. Attached towards attitude Some negative events/stimuli are more signifigant than good ones Attitudes comes from personal experience, social learning, genetic factors, evolutionary factors Attitudes can conflict with one another, eg. Cholate taste good but it is unhealthy General attitudes don’t predict behaviour well, due to situational constraints on behaviour Automatic behaviour bypass conscious attitudes Attitudes do predict behaviour when there are fewer situational contraints, consistency between cognitions and affect When attitudes conflict with behaviour, causes psychological discomfort, cognitive dissonance theory - Consonance is pleaseant - Dissonance is unpleaseant - We are motivated to reduce dissonance Post decision dissonance, when faced with two equally pleasing options, after choosing one one would rationalize the other decision Effort justification, after working hard towards something, one justifies the value of importance that task Induces compliance, when induced to behave inconsistently with attitudes, one rationalizes the decision by chainging their attitude towards it Persuasion, attempt to change someones attitude Central route of persuasion, the strength and quality of the argument, a message is carefully thought of Periphe
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