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Lecture 17

lecture 17- notes

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Ulrich Schimmack

Important Consequences of the Big Five Introduction  Personality traits exist, can be measured with moderate validity by self-ratings or informant ratings, useful to describe and measure personality with five dimensions, highly stable over long periods of time and predicts many different behaviour  Depending on your personality, some future events are more likely than others  Life expectancy varies across nations Studying longevity: illustration with healthy life styles  Using study with smoking, BMI and gender as predictors of longevity  BMI: ratio of weight to height and is computed as kg/m2 (18.5-24.9 normal, 25-29.9 overweight, and >30 obese)  Study shows how researchers study longevity and shows method yields meaningful results o Healthy lifestyle associated with greater longevity Personality and longevity  Howard Freedman- analyzed data of large longitudinal study which started in 1920s by Lewis Terman Conscientiousness  One predictor of longevity was consciousness as measured by parents’ ratings of their children’s personality in childhood and self ratings during early adulthood  Freedman concluded that conscientiousness causes longevity (indirectly)  Conscientiousness negatively related to smoking  **conscientiousness predicts longer life; causal mechanisms that produce this relationship hasn’t been found but likely that good health habits partially contribute to th
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