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Lecture 21 MC20: Which statement about measures of unconscious/implicit aspects of personality is INCORRECT? A. Measures of unconscious processes have a long history in personality psychology. B. Many measures of unconscious processes have low reliability and validity. C. Modern measures of unconscious processes define unconscious as uncontrollable rather than as being outside of awareness. D. Modern measures of unconscious process like the IAT can predict actual behaviors. E. Modern measures of implicit self-esteem have better validity than self-report measures of self- esteem. Answer: D IQ tests show reliability and validity Theyre both right. Its just a hierarchy to define people at different levels. So you have the G-factor from spearman. But then the mutliple intelligences are more specific Fluid intelleigence decreases with age, crystallized intelligence increases with age Clearly a strong heritbaility for intelligence Conclusion - American Psychological Association (APA) task force. -Heritability of IQ after late adolescence is about .75. -No effect of shared environment in adulthood. -For children heritability is lower (~45%) -For children shared environment has an effect (> 20%). -For most children (90% of the population), breast feeding was a predictor of higher IQ (~ 7 points). - For these children, breast f
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