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Personality - Lec 9

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PSYB30 Personality PsychologyLecture 9 03092009This material will be covered in Chapter 4pg 92120Interpersonal TheoriesLargely Adler and Sullivan Focus shifts from intrapsychic within same person within one persons mind to interpsychic across personsbetween people relationship But Adler calls his theory Individual psychology and this may be confusing Early social life experiences shape our later patterns of behavior key premise of many of these theoriesAlfred Adler 18701937Early life characterized by ill healthAdler and Freud were tight at one pointThen Adler proposes a take on psychoanalysis that disappoints Freud because his theory starts to deemphasizes some key axioms of psychoanalytic theoryFor example the unconscious is not given a very strong role in Adlers theory and in his later writings its more or less ruled outAlso deemphasizes infantile sexualitythe idea that the sexual motive is the primary motiveAnd has a dif take on Oedipus complexhe says its not universal only certain specific types of babies go thru it Alfred AdlerSo when we look at Adlers theory we see first and foremost a shift from psychodynamic theory in that the ego is not simply seen as the engine of satisfying the needs of the unconscious The ego isnt just a servant running around trying to satisfy the wants of the various parts of psyche but rather our thoughts are not coming from somewhere hidden but they are entirely based on conscious knowledgemotivesplans So we are aware of our motivations we know why we do thingsAnd we know what we intend to achieveSo Freud would say there are no accidents its the person unconscious revealing itselfAdler would probably also say there are no accidents people are doing what they intend to doBut people can be deceptive to others and to ourselves as to what we are doing and whyAnd for Adler a number of anxieties occur when we are trying to hide these motivations toourselves to explain them awaySo Adler has this view that people are completely aware of whythey do what they do they may not like it and realize that other people may not like it and so they may strategically deceptive even to the selfAdler states thatUnfortunately although we can deceive others for quite large periods of time deceiving the self is hard to do cuz the unconscious is not guiding these things not like we can push back these thoughts into some hidden closet and put them out of mindSo we have a conscious egoand this is key to the theory by AdlerConscious ego aware of our motivations and the intended purpose of our actionsHowever we may be deceptive even to selfAdler also argues that humans have an innate social interestwant to associate with and cultivate relationships with other peopleIn classical psychoanalytic theory other people are just means to an end theyre used to satisfy to needs of the IDTo Adler the individualistic solution to life very quickly becomes evident that its not a very good way to live lifeBaby human VS baby dog left in wildnerness baby human will die faster the more social an individual is the more nurturance it needs from its parents We have a helplessness as individuals we cant do things by ourselves human society does not function as a collection of individuals in isolation who occasionally interactTo Adler the society is organismic and individuals are just one component of society so we are helpless and we are dependent on others to provide things for usHumans have an innate social interestStems from our helplessness as individualsFamily is primary social groupAdler believed that most of the core psychological development occurs very early in life birth to school age And becuz the people we most interact with are our family members then we should look at family dynamic as driver or shaper of personality processes
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