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Hywel Morgan

PSY240 Lecture 1  extra prof. office hrs: Tuesdays 12:30 - 1:30pm  epidemiology: science of diagnosis, assessment, incidence and prevalence of a disorder  term insanity legal term, not psychological term  ethics: set of guidelines; laws: set of rules  chapter 2 will NOT be on test 1, chapter 18 will NOT be on test 2  North America used DSM (diagnostic and statistical manual) -IV ; Rest of world uses ICD (int'l classification of diseases) version 10  first conceptualization of mental illness came from Sigmund Freud, called: psychoanalysis paradigm  behaviourism paradigm: interested in observable measurable things  humanism paradigm: client feels better once accepts themselves for who they are  3 main paradigms of psychology: psychoanalysis, behaviourism, humanism  current paradigm is cognitive behavioural psychology (paradigm shift from psychoanalysis to cognitive behavioural psych.)  MIDTERM incl. jan 7 - feb 25 lectures+ readings INTRO. TO ABNORMAL PSYCH.  difficult to define what abnormal behaviour is  delusion: false beliefs (most societies agree this is abnormal)  hallucination: (most agree is abnormal) occurs in any sensory domains; sensory perceptions that don't really exist 
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