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PSY240 Jan 7 th  What is abnormal?  Something that decreases health  Maladaptive behavior  No control over it a boy dressing up in girls clothes  Can’t stop something that is highly unusual  Something harmful cutting  What about Bob clip?  Abnormal bc it affects his daily functioning  Five standards of what is normal and abnormal  Cultural relativism  No universal standards for labeling a behavior as abnormal  It is about our culture  Gender role expectations powerful instance of culture  How men are expected to act, how women are encouraged to act  Unusualness  Is the behavior rare  Discomfort  Only abnormal if the individual suffers as a result  Some therapists not always aware of problems that their behavior may create for themselves or others  Not care what causes discomfort  Mental illness  Is behavior caused by an identifiable disease  Physical process  Behavior and symptoms  No medical test that id’s this process  Maladaptiveness  3 d’s  Dysfunction does behavior prevent normal daily functioning (ex…washing hands all time therefore not able to go to school)  Distress does the person suffer  Deviance  Abnormality as harmful dysfunction  Normal abnormal  Look at cultural influences  Geographical locations  Diff standards in abnormal and normal behavior…need to scrutinize each case bc there is no universal standard Historical perspectives  Biological theories  Similar to physician disease something is wrong in the body  Supernatural theories  Divine intervention, curses, demonic possession, personal sin  Religious  Psychological theories  Mental disorders as the result of trauma (early trauma)  If something happened to you when you were a child stayed with you during adulthood  Ancient stone age theories  Spirit possession  Treat with exorcism and trephination drill holes in skulls of ppl to allow spirits to depart  Believed that if person survived the surgery, that means they then would become normal  Ancient China balancing yin with yang  Balancing pos (yang)and negative forces (yin)  The burning times  Witches were tortures and killed  Purify the soul  The growth of asylums during the renaissance  Treatment inhumane  Moral treatment of the 18 century  Movement towards more humane treatment of mentally ill  Psych view ppl become mad bc they are separated from nature and succumb to the stresses imposed by the rapid social changes of the period  Vulnerability stress model  Structural abnormalities  Clip on Phineas Gage  Blast caused an arrow to stab him under his eye and up through his skull  Still could talk moments after  Personality changed  Equilibrium and balance were destroyed  Due to the brain damage there was a personality change  If specific parts of brain are damaged there will be developmental problems  Biochemical bases of abnormality: neurotransmitter theories of disorders  Drug therapy alone is not helpful in treating disorders  Gene
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