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th PSY240 JAN 14the research endeavorChallenges in Conducting research in abnormal psychDifficult to convince pplAbnormal behaviors and feelings are difficult to measureSelf reports are biasedObservers reports can be biased person can have more abnormalities that may not be observed Most forms of abnormality have multiple causesThe scientific method Have to define problem Have to have a testable hypothesis what is it that you want to understandChoose research methodAnalyze dataDefinitionsAs predicted there is a relationship or effect it has been confirmedPrediction is incorrect if you find non relationship that would be a null hypothesis Dependent variable something that gets affectedIndependent variable something that you manipulateOperationalization Case studies impDetailed histories of individual who suffered some form of psych disorderTry and understand the experiences of single individualUse this bc sometimes certain disorders can be very rareGather clinical info from case studiesThe example Oliver sacks Rare case of having a tumor and how it develops to diff psych symptoms Case studies imp for clinical psychValueRich and unique detail about an individualUsually Only way to study rare problemsGreat for generating ideasLimitedNot very generalizableObservations lack objectivityHard to replicateOn correlation and correlational findings Doesnt tell us anything about causalityCan only tell likely or unlikelyCorrelation coefficient a statistic that ranges from 1 to 1 shows strength or association bn variables
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