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Tina Malti

PSY240- MARCH 25 TH STRESS DISORDERS AND HEALTH PSYCH  WHAT is stress?  When experiencing anxiety and worry about certain situations  Flight or fight response in certain situations  Tense muscles  Can’t sleep…sleeping problems are very common  Depending on culture, may experience stress differently..psychological or physiological  Psych components  emotions  Cog appraisal how we evaluate a situation on how bad it is and how we cope with it  Primary appraisal situation is considered to be harmful, threat or a challenge  Ex.. offered a new job but also don’t know that maybe it is too challenging for you..could be a threat bc it could harm your future career goals …assess coping strategies  Secondary appraisal coping  Physiological component  Could sweat, sleep problems, heart can race  Central characteristics of stressful events  Uncontrollable not able to control  Unpredictable not able to predict outcomes  Significant change in one’s life or a challenge of one’s capabilities or self concept  Depends on stability of uncontrollability, unpredictability and change  Flight or fight response  General adaptation syndrome  Alarm body gets mobilized to confront the threat  Resistance body copes with threat by fighting or fleeing  Exhaustion  physiological resources are depleted trying to cope with threat ..feeling exhausted  Health psych SLIDE 10  Concerned with effects of stress and other psych factors on physical illness  Looks at role of personality…etc,..on slide  Models for the effects of psych factors on disease  Direct effects model stress and psych factors invoke directly a physiological response  X causes y model  Ex. Stress could lead to adrenaline changes and heart problems  Ex. Stress  immune system gets weaker opportunities to become ill  Interactive model interactions bn psych and physical factors with a predetermined vulnerability to outcomes  ex. A genetic predisposition to GAD and if you experience stress, you can get high blood pressure which can lead to hypertension  Indirect effects model indirect effect bn factors on health related behaviors and definite health status  If ppl are very stressed, they may over eat and over the long run get diabetes  LOOK ON SLIDE 12  Research study  SLIDE 13  Findings slide 14  Very high percentage  Why is it related to cardiovascular disease?   Stress: acute activations  Imbalance bn sympathetic ns and parasympathetic ns  Chronic activation  SLIDE 16  Extreme stress situations how severity is the uncontrollability or unpredictability  Ex. car accident  Chronic stress ex. long term unemployment , a soldier can experience both extreme and chronic stress  What it does in body effects epigenetics and brain activity , metabolic, and immune system …immediate responses  Stress, coronary heart disease, and hypertension  SLIDE 18  Stress and the immune sys  SLIDE 19  What makes stress worse  Timing if earlier stress, worse for health  Social factors isolation, exclusion , rejection increases stress level  Environmental factors diff environments can create stress  Therapy  At home practices mindfulness, meditation, yoga, relaxation techniques , diet and exercise  Clinical treatments  cbt,  Others SLIDE 22  The role of social support SLIDE 23 of the most important factors in reducing stress  Personality and health
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