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Lecture 1 For those of you who missed class, these notes have all the lecture slides and my own notes taken integrated together in one neat word document. Great for last minute studying!

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Ayesha Khan

PSY240Chapter 1 Abnormal Psychology An Overview What Do We Mean by Abnormal BehaviourThere is no consensus definitionThere are however some clear elements of abnormalityNo single behaviour makes an individual abnormalmust have a cluster of behavioursThe Elements of AbnormalitySuffering How much suffering is taking place Maladaptiveness Hindering the ability to function in life Ex Anorexia restrict food intake the individual becomes so thin that heshe needs to be hospitalizedDeviancy Away from the norm Statistically rare behaviourViolation of the standards of society Every society will help to define what is normalSocial discomfort How comfortable are people around this behaviour The consistency helps ppl figure out if its under the cluster of abnormal behavioursIrrationality and unpredictability We need to tell that you are behaving in a predicable manner Going against expectationsWhy Do We Need to Classify Mental DisordersNomenclature allows us to structure informationDefining the domain so we can manage the disorder Is it genetichereditarySocialpolitical implicationsDiagnostic classification systems classify disorders not peopleLanguage very importantThe patient is schizophrenicA patient who suffers from schizophreniaaddict VS substance abuse userProblems with ClassificationClassification systems can also lead toLoss of informationStigmaStereotypingDo you view people with mental illness as less competent more irresponsible more dangerous unpredictableLabelling Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders DSMGold standard for defining mental disordersCurrently in the 4th edition DSMIVThe DSM definition does not specifically refer to the causes of mental disordersAlso rules out behaviours that are culturally sanctionedPublished by the American Psychiatric AssociationCovers all mental health disorders for both childrenadultsStatistics in terms ofgender age at onsetprognosisas well as some research concerning the optimal treatment approachesDSMIVAssesses five dimensions
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