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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 For those of you who missed class, these notes have all the lecture slides and my own notes taken integrated together in one neat word document. Great for last minute studying!

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Ayesha Khan

PSY240 Chapter 2 Historical and Contemporary Views of Abnormal BehaviourHistorical Views of Abnormal BehaviourAncient TreatmentStone Age trephiningoChipping away one area of skull until a hole was made to release spirits inside causing the behaviouralEdwin Smith papyruso16th Century BCEoTreatment of diseasesbehavioural disordersSurgical operation particular to the brainoBrain is describedWritings about the brain associating w some form of mental dysfunctionEbers PapyrusoInternal medicineoIncantationsPotions help to alleviate any kind of abnormal behaviourDemonology Gods and MagicChinese Egyptian HebrewGreek writingsPossession based on symptomsEvil Vs Good spiritsBible The Lord shall smite thee with madnessExorcismPpl need to understand human physiology in order to understand abnormal behaviourAbnormal behav is characterized by we society the individual lives inEarly Medical ConceptsHippocrates 460377 BCEProposing that mental disorders had natural causesoDenied the demonspirit hypothesisoBelieved that the brain was the central organ for intellectual activityoAbnormal behaviour is a function of brain pathologyoInjury to the headbrain could cause sensorymotor disturbanceCategorizing disorders form of classifyingoMania dramatic excitabilityoMelancholiaexcessive sadnessoPhrenitis inflamation of mindbrainbodyAssociating dreams and personalityoThought that the differences in ppl are caused by their personalityEarly Philosophical ConceptsPlato 429347 BCEViewed psychological phenomena as responses to the whole organismEmphasized individual differencessociocultural influences
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