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Lecture 4/5 For those of you who missed class, these notes have all the lecture slides and my own notes taken integrated together in one neat word document. Great for last minute studying!

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Ayesha Khan

PSY240 Lecture 5 Chapter 4: Clinical Assessment The Basic Elements in Assessment • In the initial clinical assessment an attempt is made to – Identify the main dimensions of a client’s problem – Predict the likely course of events under various conditions – Establish baselines for psychological functions so that the effects of treatment can be measured • The goals of psychological assessments include: – Identifying and describing symptoms – Determining the chronicity and severity of problems – Evaluating the potential causal factors in the person’s background – Exploring the individual’s personal resources that might be assets in treatment • A good assessment should include information on – overall physical wellbeing – intellectual functioning – personality characteristics – env’tal pressures – env’tal resources – Notable deficits • Something you can notably tell? – Personality deficits • Use specific inventories – Acceptance for help – Social context • Do they have any other type of support? Friends? Coworkers? …… to name a few ….. • How clinicians go about the assessment process often depends on their basic treatment orientations – Which perspective are they coming from? • Biologically orientated will be different from someone who is Freudian. Humanist might say “there’s some sort of blockage in your personal world” etc etc. • For psychological assessment to proceed effectively, the client must feel comfortable with the clinician – What makes an effective clinician? – What kind of environment are they setting for the client? Assessment of the Physical Organism • Many psychological problems have physical components as – Causal factors • Chronic disease? – Medical examination – Data collection • Therefore, it is often important to include a medical examination in the psychological assessment • If organic brain damage is suspected, neurological tests can aid in determining the site and extent of organic brain disorder • The neurological examination may include – An **EEG (dysrhythmia) PSY240 Lecture 5 • Placing electrodes on the head • Recording brain activity/electrical rhythms • If there is dysrhythmia, then the electrical rhythms are out of sync, there is some type of dysfunction occuring – A CAT scan • Xray of the brain – A PET scan • How the brain is functioning in terms of its metabolism – Glucose activity • Tells how the brain is – A functional MRI • Shows brain activity of various regions • Getting information about OXYGEN, see if it is being utilized at various regions of the brain. • The neuropsychological examination involves the use of – an expanding array of testing devices – Measurement of cognitive, perceptual, and motor performance – Clues to the extent and location of brain damage • Perception: can you make the sensations together? • Sensation: auditory, visual, etc • Cognitive: task that are associated w/ thinking/memory/etc • Motor: walking, sitting, etc • One popular neuropsychological examination, the Halstead-Reitan battery, is composed of the following tests: – Halstead Category Test • Examines concept formation • Show subject lots of images (208), various geometric shapes • Ask individual to say what they think they see “1, 2, 3, 4” • Start forming concepts after a while to see a pattern • Assess judgements, concept develop’t, impulsivity – Tactual Performance Test • Matching block items blindfolded • Measuring sense of touch, tactile – Rhythm Test • Matching rhythms, see if able to concentrate, pay attention, and auditory capacity – Speech Sounds Perception Test • See if individual is able to understand spoken words • Words are nonse
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