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Lecture 9

Lecture 9 For those of you who missed class, these notes have all the lecture slides and my own notes taken integrated together in one neat word document. Great for last minute studying!

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Ayesha Khan

PSY240 Lecture 9 and 10 Chapter 10 Health Problems and BehaviourBehavioural Medicine Vs Health Psychology Behavioural medicineHow psychological factors behaviour is associated w whats happening physiologicallyProving that psychological thoughts negatively affect healthHow do you stick to the systems the therapist gives to youBehavioural Medical ApproachPsychological factors that cause individual to get sickHow are negative effects of stress reducedbuffered by personal resourcesBiological mechanisms that are altered due to stressHealth choicesWhat determines complianceHealth education and behaviour modificationPsychophysiological DisordersPsychophysiological disorders Formerly referred to as psychosomatic disordersPsychosomatic your psychology is affecting your bodyDisorders in which psychological factors are thought to play a role Social stressors can lead to cardiovascular disease edipose depositGastric ulcersBacterium1 in 5 people who have the bacteria develop ulcersUlcers can develop without bacteriaCombination of both physiology bacteria and psychology stressors Both affect each otherDSMIVTRMental Disorders Due to A General Medical ConditionAxis I maladaptive behaviour the individual participates inPsychological Factors Affecting a General Medical ConditionJohn high blood pressurecardiovascular diseaseAxis I maladaptive eating patternAxis III medical problemPsychological Factors in HealthDiseaseStress may negatively affect allergies disease and longterm healthSeverity of disease can fluctuateHealth and disease is connnected to psychological factorsStress increased production of cortisolHigh levels of cortisolHelp the body sustain prolonged activitymobilizes youDecrease immune system activityHigher in the morning then decrease throughout the day low at night circadian rhythmIn depressed people cortisol functioning is not normal
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