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Lecture 11

Lecture 11/12 For those of you who missed class, these notes have all the lecture slides and my own notes taken integrated together in one neat word document. Great for last minute studying!

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Ayesha Khan

PSY240 Lecture 12Chapter 16 Disorders of Childhood and Adolescence Maladaptive Behaviour in Different Life PeriodsDevelopmental psychopathology Originscourse of individual maladaptation in the context of normal growth processesImportant to investigate behaviour in reference to othersTo check if a behaviour is maladaptivehave to examine the age of subjectTemper tantrum at 2 years of age is reasonable but not at 7 or 8Younger children NS is not fully developed cant get full grasp of realityYoung children are especially vulnerable to psychological problems becauseDont have as complexrealistic view of themselves and their world as they will have laterThey have less selfunderstanding anxiety rage depression etcNot yet developed stable sense of identity understanding expectations resources to deal w problemsChildren used to be viewed as miniature adultsGive them smaller doses of meds than adults WTFFrom the original DSM two basic behavioural disturbances in childrenIn 2nd half of the 20th century diagnostic classification system focused on special problems of childrenAttentionDeficit Hyperactivity DisorderHyperactivityImpulsivityDifficulties that interfere with effective taskoriented behavioursExcessive or exaggerated motor activityDifficulties in sustaining attention distracted by other stimuliDifficulty in academics lower IQSocial disturbances adjustment issues ADHDunderstimulation of the nervous system So drugs stimulateThis increases dopamine activity Receptors that respond to dopamine are off Kids make up for underactivity of NS through hyperactivity of behaviour eg kids running aroundTreatment Medications such as amphetaminesIn Canada prescriptions for Ritalin increased 600 between 1985 and 2002Strattera atomoxetine is a nonstimulant drug however Health Canada has warned it may cause emotional or behavioral change including increased risk for selfharmBehaviour therapy particularly cognitivebehavioural methodsCBT is hard to do w childrenGold standard treatment is a combination of psychological and pharmacological treatments Research suggests that some children with ADHD go on to have other psychological problems later in lifeOppositional Defiant Disorder and Conduct DisorderOppositional defiant disorder ODDRecurrent DELINQUENTANTISOCIAL negativistic hostile behaviour to authority persists 6 monthsOccurs in younger children if not managed these symptoms lead to conduct disorderConduct disorderA persistent repetitive violation of rules and a disregard for the rights of othersOlder childrenPossible CausesBiological factors If parents have these disorders likely children will have itPersonal pathologyFamily patterns low socioeconomic status abnormal family functioning
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