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University of Toronto Mississauga
Hywel Morgan

PSY 240 Legal vs. Ethical Issues Lecture - Laws: set of rules you must follow - Heinz Dilemma: ex: stealing drugs for dying wife - Ethics: set of guidelines that you should follow Legal Issues - Power of mental health professionals - Thomas Szasz argues that psychological conditions are not medical, they are people not functioning properly (ex: can’t hold a job and can’t do things that other people do). - Psychopathology doesn’t usually get treated until it becomes a problem for someone else (social conflict). - Dysfunctional behaviors - Substance abuse disorder, judgment impaired and reaction time, car accident and hurt someone. But mental disorder does not get you out of jail. Can’t declare someone as legally insane. o Only power that psychologists have in the legal system are being witnesses. o Judge/jury will take in testimony o Forensic psychologist Canadian legal system - Constitutional law: not changeable o A set of rights and law (Charter of Rights and Freedoms) o Puts a limit on the types of laws that the government can impinge. o Only country in the world that docks the rights of people with mental disorders. o Federal - Statuary law: Provincial, differs from province to province o Changeable o Guide the leg
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