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Lecture 3

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Hywel Morgan

PSY240 Lecture Involuntary commitment - Hospital or secure mental health facility - Must be suffering from a mental disorder - Unwilling or incapable of consent to treatment - Be at risk of harming self or others - Rules here in Ontario differ from province to province o Bound definition for commitment - Criminally insane: CAMH (mixture of hospital and prison). - Suffering from a mental disorder, having homicidal thoughts = eligible for commitment - Can refuse treatment in Ontario, Nova Scotia, BC. They are removed from society and committed. o Ontario: cam be committed for 72 hours, Quebec: 42 o Can be extended 1-3 months or indefinitely Involuntary Treatment - Substitute decision maker (advocate in treatment and assessment). - Capable wished principle - Compulsory treatment orders - Advocate works under the capable wished principle o Primarily considering wishes of patient - Ontario, Saskatchewan: person can be released if they promise to be in therapy as an outpatient at regular intervals. Psychologist’s environment (Ethics): guidelines - Clinical o Informed consent: summary of the experiment o Person can discontinue participation at anytime - Research - Teaching - Forensics, court - Administration: psychological data, organizing, gathering data Informed Consent - History - No harm - Confidentially (limits) - People in the past have been treated medically/psychologically without their consent (invasive procedures) - WWII: where the idea of informed consent came from o Experimentation of people in concentration camps, invasive medical procedures done without their will and consent o Ethical dilemma: keel the data or destroy it? o Nurnberg trials - Data was u
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