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Sarah Sharma

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Cliffor Beers fear depression and paranoia A mind that found itselfenergetic child moody with little selfcontrolintelligent and ambitious enough to graduate from a universityas he grew older his moodiness increased with timeespecially after his brother had multiple seizures diagnosed as epilepsy but causation was actually a tumor which was only discovered after death developed morbid fear of getting epilepsy after brother died Cliffords moodiness turned to despair and paranoia eventually unable to speak and attempted suicide from a fourth floor windowafter this event his epilepsy fear turned into paranoia and grandioseexcessively grand beliefswas hospitalized private psychiatric hospital public bc of lack of moneymood started to alternate bw depression and manic excitementearly 1900 no drugs were available and was beaten and tortured in the public hospital by his assistanthe suggested and wrote many books regarding hospital conditions and better care for the insanemood swings became less severe and was released 3 years later 1903 harsh treatments were received in the early 20th century by psychiatric hospitals started a movement for the reform of mental health treatmentthe mental hygiene movement Clarence
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