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PSY240 Lecture notes on childhood and adolescent issues :)

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Ayesha Khan

Maladaptive behaviour in different life periods -Cant determine childs behaviour as being abnormal until you compare them to the children that are typically seen in the population normal -most people not alarmed by 2 year old temper tantrum, however if 12 year old or 16 year old throwing tantrum is out of the norm should have learned by then how to regulate your emotions -environment in which child grows up in, if environment is unpredictable (abusive adults) we see that children dont have very complex view of the world no understanding that the people around them have their own stresses and has nothing to do with the child child thinks everything revolves around them -children dont have resources that adolescents and adults have (ex: friends) -adults have a sense of self-concept and know where to get the resources they need to help manage their problems -even when DSM started putting classifications for children (2-3 classifications) in 1950s limited understanding of mental health of children and younger adolescents -environment wasnt considered to be important Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder -hyperactivity ADHD -ADD doesnt have hyperactivity (in terms of motor activity) -children very hyper and cannot sit still even if you tell a very hyper child to sit down, they will sit for a specific amount of time -a child with ADHD cant stop even for a couple seconds might even need to hold the child down - impulsivity not thi
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