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PSY240 SUBSTANCE-RELATED DISORDERS - 5 pages of great notes :) easy to read, organized notes.

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Ayesha Khan

etiology -AA created in the 1930s -model they use is widely accepted today -why do some people become addicted and others dont? no conclusive answer -AA doesnt work for everyone because of way of setup, not everyone is comfortable with basic principles Etiological theories of substance abuse 2. now youve tried substance why does continuation occur in some and not others 3. how does it occur in the first place? 5. although individual has abstained for some time, they went back to their old habits moral theory -alcohol was readily available -used drinking to use it to make yourself feel better sinful supposed to rely on God or the people in your church -if you were relying on anything besides your religious beliefs had a moral weakness -prohibition alcohol illegal -brings about moraless behaviour in individuals -repealed -continuation occurs because there is a rewarding aspect pain decreasing -addiction lack of strong moral character strong motivational component -substance is helping you manage your problems addiction occurs because strong motivation component associated with addiction -recovery need to come up with other ways to handle your problems -start relying on your church group who will help you take you on the right path -relapse lifestyle needs to be changed moral theory originally more towards the religious component -newer version doesnt specify God, just say some spiritual component or just some other thing that the individual considers a higher power (ex: ethics something to tell you right from wrong) build your spirituality build yourself from within -older version from moral perspective there is something wrong should go back to God -AA initiated as a response to the moral theory -AA took the blame outside the individual no one is going to blame you if you get diabetes or cancer -diseases have some organic reason for why they occur ex genetics -AA started pitching why people lose control is from a disease theory perspective -AA ties to moral model there is something bigger than the individual -when you start looking at it as a disease, less stigma less blame on the person -there is a strong genetic component to alcoholism no gene -although there are genes that code for the individual to consume more than others -experience of drinking varies between individuals -men on average can consume more alcohol The jellinek chart *dont need to memorize* -talks about the disease progressing from 1 stage to another
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