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University of Toronto Mississauga
Christine Burton

PSY270 Lecture #2 01/14/14 - Glutamate is the primary excitatory neurotransmitter - GABAis the primary inhibitory neurotransmitter - Monoamine usually get the brain ready for something - Neuropeptides such as enkephalins exhibit pain responses - When a cell receives a signal from an adjacent cell it either increases or decreases firing rate - Action potential all or none (similar to light switch either on or off) - Very strong signal is indicated by a lot of action potentials Brain Imaging - Commuted Tomography (CT) essentially an xray that gives image of brain, no so clear, one of first modern structural techniques - MRI produce much more clearer picture (high spatial resolution) of the brain than CT scan, magnet produces magnetic field that causes hydrogen in brain to add up, different structures of brain resonate at different frequencies - TMS produces magnetic field in brain wherever you hold it and you can observe what happens when neurons are not functioning - ERP we have good temporal resolution, the timing of when the brain processes something, not good spatial resolution - PET measures blood flow, can be used to measure any metabolic function, insert radioactive dye to measure active parts of the brain that will require more blood - fMRI has the best spatial resolution out of all techniques - Lesion studies are the least likely to be used on humans Brain Structures - Rhombencephalon (
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