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Christine Burton

Monday January 25 2010PSY270 Lecture 4 Today we are going to be starting with memorymemory is a pretty big topic were actually going to be spending about 3 classes talking about memory in one form or the other but today were really just going to start with an introduction sort Memory Systemsof talk about different ways we can talk about memoryJanuary252010 Ive posted a sample testthe midterms going to be very similar to that one Once I have it finalized I can give you Midterm testmore details but there will be a multiple choice section a sort of compare sectionthen an experiment section so it will be MondayFebruary868pmvery similar to what you see online So next I just want to mention briefly about your CogLab LastnamesALONGOMP102reports Kirsten has mentioned a couple of things that shes LastnamesLUIZMP103noticed thats kind of in common that you might want to stimprove upon So just to keep in mind the 1 thing is quite a number of people in their introductions especially have pretty much copiedpasted sentences directly from the lab manualyou need to use your own wordsby all means use the info thats in there thats fine but you have to paraphrase yourself so were really going to be very strict about that bc that officially is plagiarizingyou have to put things in your own words even if the info is right there for everybody The other thing she noticed with that additional reference a lot of people didnt bother finding one so you will have lost marks if you didnt do ita lot of people just wrote about that one article that the main study was based onyou need to have one additional resource so make sure you do that Kirsten was very lenient in that even if you didnt mention an additional resource at all in your paper but added it in the reference section shes given you 2 out of 5now that is only for this time If you dont have an extra article in the discussion somewhere in the paper youre going to get 0 but stbc its the 1 one were being a little bit lenient but keep that in mindyou need an additional reference that isnt in the lab manualyou need to provide evidence that you read itthat you sort of understand how its related Question What exactly was the marking rubric So its out of 25 marksintroduction methodresultseach are 5 marks the discussion section was sort of roughly marked out of 10 bc as I mentioned its going to be weighed morewe assumed most people would put their additional reference in the discussion section so thats why that was out of sort of 10 marks but if you didnt put it in your discussion you put it in your introduction we took that into account so in effect we sort of have each part is worth 5 marks so your introduction method results discussionlit reviewextra resource each worth 5 marks so they were all weighted equallyeach section is worth equal weight Question For the additional resource do you need to explain exactly what they did Noyou dont need to say In this study they did this thisthis but you have to have evidence that youve read ityou have to be able to explain how its related to the current article so we dont need you to go over the methods in detailthe results but some sort of description of what they found or why they did ithow its related is what Im looking for Question You didnt need to reference the manual bc we all did the same lab that was fineyou didnt need to reference the manualwhat you couldnt do was copy word for word what the manual said but if you paraphrased the info from the manual I knew you used it thats fine Question Could we have just written like one word about the additional article we used It could have been one word you dont need to use it extensively throughoutwere just looking for evidence that you understand how another researcher can sort of ask a similar questionhow that relates So if you just sort of explain that in a couple of sentences thats fineits a short paper you cant go onon about it Question How long do I expect the content to be for the additional resource You dont need to go onon about itits hard to say out of context that it will differ how you use the infoyou might choose to write a couple of sentences about these researchers wanted to ask X question explain the question they did a similar taskheres what they found You might chose to use 3 or 4 resources with one sentence from each one to sort of bulk out your discussion Im not looking for a lot of infoIm just looking for enough info to show that you understand how 2 studies are related to one another so not a lot of detail Even if the whole discussion is one page double spaced you couldnt really write more than half a page double spaced about this external resourcethats if the discussion is a whole page so not a huge amount of info
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