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Christine Burton

Monday January 04 2010PSY270 Lecture 1One midterm testexam There are online lab componentsMultiple choiceshort answer Comparecontrastexplain an experiment questionwill be elaborated when we get to the midterm same format for the examAre tests based on lecture or textbook material Both but we should use the lecture material as our primary sourcetextbook to fill in the blanks Shes not going to be reading over the textbook verbatimthere are some things that are in the textbook she misses that we should know but if she skips a huge section in the textbook then no we dont need to know itInfo from the cognitive labparticipating wont be on the exam but the labs she has are relevant to material in class which will be on the examgeneral knowledge of the labs are on the examCognitive psychology is very much based in experimental psychologyconducting experiments on human participants so what were going to do in class is to replicate these classic experiments So we are going to open up the manual sign up for an accountwell see a whole bunch of experiments we can participate online in We can save the data as a classthe program will calculate the averagesdo graphsstuffallow us to analyze the results for discussion Were going to have to participate in 5 of these online experimentswrite a report for 5 of them so well get 1 for participating in each onethese programs automatically register whenever we participate5 for each lab report Then well go into next week some more detail on the lab reportsThere is also an opportunity to get a bonus percentage on the final grade in the coursewe can do that by signing up for an experiment with the cognitive neuroscience labsthe info is on the website We go to the website make a new account sign up as a new userwe can participate in any of the experiments that are out there The lab will keep a list of individuals who participateat the end shell add that bonus point onto our final grade Were welcome to participate in more than 1 experiment but we can only get 1 credit so if we sign up for more experiments discuss with experimenter if they can pay youa lot of times they will pay you if you want to participate in more experimentsthMidterm is February 8 before reading week The deadline for participating in the online experiments are in the outlinealso dates for when the reports are due Every other week we have to participate in thone of these experiments We can choose bw 2 labswe have to participate in it before January 14thhand in the report by January 18 For those reports she is not going to accept any late papers unless we have proper documentation like if we were sick or if we had another exam during that timeif we have a legit reason for not coming to class then there wont be any late penalties or anything like that The reason she doesnt accept late papers is bc we take up the experiments in class the day theyre due so its not fair to students who wrote their reports have other students come to class get the answerswrite the report so we must hand it in in class unless we were awaywe have proper documentationIf we cant make makeup tests she will redistribute the weight of the test to the exam If we do miss the midterm testwant to write it then we need documentation like a medical certificate We can also register our illness on ROSI but she wants to warn us that just registering on ROSI doesnt give us an automatic passwe have to provide evidenceWe can participate in the experiments any time up until the due dateswe can participate in all of them in one go if we want toLast thing she wants to mention is accessibility servicesjust talk to them etcThe knowledge well need to do the labs is in the lab manualbackground on the experiment is in therewe should read about them before participating online In the lab reports were going to write its just giving us practice communicating ideas Most info is on the websitein the manualit gives us some background info Well participate so well know what the methods were we get the resultswe have a discussion The instructions for how to sign up for an account how to participate in the experiment how to retrieve the datahow to write the report are on the websiteshell have it under Coglab assignmentswe can look there Next class well go over things in more detailThe tests are short answermultiple choice Shell post a sample test on the website before the midterm test so we get an idea There are comparecontrast type questions explain an experiment questions well talk about that more closer to the test the exam is the same format as the midterm testsAre the tests based on lecture or textbook material The answer is that theyre based on both but that we should use the lecture material sort of as our primary sourcethen use the textbook to fill in the blanks shes not going to read over the textbook verbatim so there are a few details in the textbook we dont talk about in class were responsible for that but if she skips whole sections of the textbook we dont need to worry about that its just for filling in the blank that we should know from the textbookWill the labs be on the exam Yesnothe info from the Coglab manualparticipating wont be on the exam however the reason she chose the labs she has are relevant to material we talk about in class that is on the tests specific info is not on the test but general knowledge isIn this course we can mimic lots of the classic experimentswe can sort of participate in the experiments in class so we will be doing that in class as much as possiblePSY270S Introduction to Cognitive PsychologyInstructorChristineBurton Course objectivesassessments already reviewed Were having a mini lecture introducing some history Todays Goalsleading up to where we are today in cognitive psychologyReviewcourseobjectivesandassessmentsalso introducing some current themes The prof is a teaching candidateUnderstandtheinfluencesthatledtotheemergenceofcognitivepsychologyIntroducetherecurringthemesincognitivepsychologyandthiscourse
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