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Christine Burton

Monday March 22 2010PSY270 Lecture 10 So today were going to talk about decision making So we are going to be talking about decision making but I want to very very briefly go back to intelligence since we didnt go over everythingI dont want to go over everything again but I Decision Makingdo want to just point out a few important points that were mentioned in the video that we didnt get time to talk about So March222010just very briefly finishing up with intelligence Im not going to go over everything I want to talk about some issues with stability of intelligence bc the video that you watched did touch on the intelligence in old agethe thing that I want you to keep in mind is the issue that the narrator mentions briefly that oh if youre smart youll live longerthey just sort of mention that without any sort of discussionI wanted to bring it up bc you sort of have to take that with a grain of salt Yes all the people who had higher intelligence when they were 11 lived to write the test when they were 78 or something but that doesnt necessarily mean that smart people live longertheres just that correlation thereMaybe as one of the researchers proposed having a higher IQ isa representative of general fitness mental fitness body fitnessit may help you to live longer But maybe the 11 year olds who didnt score so well on the test werent able to go on in school werent able to get a job that involved a lot of thinking maybe they had to work in a mine or maybe they had to work shovelling coal in a enginemaybe that resulted in shorter life span So its just so you can keep in mind that maybe having a higher IQ itself leads to a longer life but maybe theres something else in thereStability of IntelligenceIQscoresarerarelycompletelystableacrossalifetimeLargechangesinIQareusuallyaresultofdramaticvariationsinhealthorlivingconditionsorsevereemotionalproblems And then all I really want to point out from these notes is that generally we do find a decline in IQ scores as we ageStability of IntelligencePeopleperformbestonintelligencetestswhentheyarephysicallyfitandwellrestedIQscoresdeclinewithperceptualdeficitsCrosssectionalstudiesfindIQincreaseswithageuntilearlyadulthoodandthenstartstodecline The big question is where is that age cutoff And a lot of people say oh its 20 or 30 its all downhill from there A big Stability of Intelligenceproblem with those kind of conclusions are cohort effects so I Cohorteffectsareamajorconfoundincrossmentioned that Flynn effect that people are getting smartersectionalresearchthey always just score higher on IQ tests So if you just compare 20 year olds80 year olds theyll have a different IQ but it SeattleLongitudinalStudyofAdultIntelligenceSchaieetal19561994triedtoovercomethismight be that Flynn effectproblem So what you really want to do is a longitudinal studylook at 195650peoplein10agegroupsrangingfrom2070peoples IQ as they get older compare the same personEach7yearssamepeopleweretestedandnewpeopleaddedtoeachgroup If you do that you pretty much find that IQ goes up until about Stability of Intelligence40stays pretty stable well say until 80 or 90 So yes there are IQ declines but not until you get to what we WhatdidSeattleLongitudinalStudydiscovercall the very old or the oldoldEventuallyeveryoneexperiencessomementaldeclineNosignificantimpairmentsuntilafter60Gainsuntilearly40sStableuntilearly60sSmalllosesuntillate70sIntellectuallossesin80sand90soccurinunfamiliarandstressfulsituations And then the only other thing I want to point out is the other Stability of Intelligencefactors that there are other factors that seem to predict whose going to decline more than others education income Thereappearstobemoreindividualvariationthanoccupation having a stable marriage with a spouse who crosssectionalvariationchallenges you intellectually So basically it seems to be the whole use it or lose itthat seems to predict the stability of IQ WhenishighIQmorelikelyobservedinolderSo thats pretty much all I wanted to mention about that just so adultsAresatisfiedwiththeiraccomplishmentsinlifeyou didnt get the idea from the video that if you dont have a Donothavechronicdiseasehigh IQ then youre going to die when youre 50AreaffluentandwelleducatedHavestablemarriagestointellectuallykeenspousesHavecomplexnonroutinejobs
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