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Monday January 11 2010PSY270 Lecture 2 Today were going to talk about anatomypattern detectiontheyre pretty different topics but I decided to just put them both togetherdo half a class for each pretty much bc although theyre important for cognitive psychology chances are youll Anatomy and Pattern Detectiongo over these things at least a little bit in other classes so I just want to do a brief overviewnot going to go into much detailJanuary112010 CogLab Report People have asked if they could participate in these labs in advancethats fine you can participate in all of them at oncethe only issue is if you want to write your reports in advance bc you need some data to be able to write your reportif youre the only one who did it then you cant really write it so what Im going to say is you can obviously write up the introductionmethod as early as you want Im going to say wait until there are at least 25 participants before you write your report so your numbers are probably going be different from the rest of the class bc you did then early but as long as theres 25 people whove done it I imagine theyll be about 25 wholl do it at least somewhat earlythats fine cause it should show a trend by then anyways So what Im actually looking for in the report hopefully youve all had a chance to go onlineread over the instructions but basically what Im looking for is a concise summary of what you did why you did itwhat the results were so what you should really do is divide it into 4 sections with subheadingsI want an introduction I want methods section I want a results sectiona discussion sectionthose sections correspond to the 4 points that Ive listed in the instructions so just label them that wayIntroduction Methods ResultsDiscussion I really other than the discussion you should try to be quite briefthe TAs that are reading them are going to know what these experiments are about so theyre really just looking to see whether or not you know what theyre about So the introduction Im looking for a clear purpose sentencewhy we would want to do this experiment what question do we want to answernot what the participants are doing but why are we asking them to do it You might want to give a little bit of background information in the introduction just to sort of say okay this is what we want to knowheres why we want to know itthat might be useful but dont go ononon In the methods section keep it really brief about what the participants didthe reports are short theyre just 2 pages doublespaced so dont bother going into detailjust really briefly but I want to see a clear statement about the independent variablesthe dependent variablesthere may be more than one independent variable or actually there could be more than one dependent variable so independent variablewhat was manipulated dependent variablewhat was measured so were looking for clear statements of those The results section just a brief statement of what the results arethis is probably going to be your shortest section so just a little summary statementdont go onon about every numbergive a summary statementyou can refer to a table or refer to a graph if you want to look at more specific numbers As I said in the instructions if there are2 numbers a graph or a table probably is not useful you can mention them right in the text but just brief statements in the results section The discussion section is where Im looking for a little bit more thought so so far up to then all of that info intro methods results is given in the lab manualnow dont copy it word for worddo a little summary in your own words about what we did how we did it but thats given so that should be really easy What Im looking for in the discussion section is an explanation of what the results teach us what can we conclude from these resultsdid we answer the question we asked in the introduction What Im also looking for is for you to include I called a literature review in the instructions but its not even thatwhat Im looking for is for you to find at least one other primary source one other journal article that finds results similar to the ones or asks a similar question to the CogLab so you can talk about that experiment in your discussionyou might say well heres another study that found similar things or heres another study that found something different so maybe theres a different conclusion You could include it in your introduction if you want as background info so you can include it wherever you want but I want to know that you sort of looked did some effort to find another articlethis article shouldnt be one thats mentioned in the CogLab manual so in the manual there are just a few references at the endI want one in addition to those so its not a lot just one just sort of a brief summary but thats sort of where the bulk of the marks are going be in your discussion sectionhow do you interpret these results Question Can you use a study thats presented in the textbook Yesbut its not not from a journal so any of the studies that are presented in the textbook will have been published at some point in a journal so what I really would recommend is to actually read the articlemake sure you understand how its being presented So a lot of the time in the textbook theyll be sort of a summary statement which doesnt really represent the article the way you might want to present it so I really recommend reading the articleusually when we read these papers we can tell if you read the article or not Now the textbook is a good place to find articles so if were talking about attention go to the attention chapter find some journal articlesgo directly to those so thats a good way to find them but make sure to read the article Question You dont need to print out a copy of the article but you should make sure to include a reference section at the back referencing the article These should be written in APA styleif you havent written anything in APA style before you can find a lot of links on the websitetheyre in Writing TipsIve linked exactly what were looking for in APA style theres a template you can use so you just fill in your informationIm going to say you dont need to bother with an abstract for this one bc theyre really
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