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Christine Burton

Monday February 1 2010PSY270 Lecture 05 She hasnt actually written the test yet so she doesnt know how many questions there are going to be Once its written details will be online but it is going to be very similar to the sample tests she posted Theres multiple choice comparecontrast sectionan Memory Processesexperiment section Most of the test is going to be based on lecture materialyou should know there are some details in the textbook February12010but its topically talked about a few terms here or thereyou should know them from the textbook as well If there is a section that we didnt talk about in classits in the textbook you should know the general theme of that section but we dont need to know any details if we didnt talk about it in class She doesnt expect us to remember the authorsthe dates of the experiments we talked aboutjust know why they do the experimentwhat the results showed She really doesnt recommendshe knows a lot of people study for a multiple choice type section then a shortanswer type section she recommends that we study the material as if it was going to be a shortanswer section The reason is that the multiple choice questions arent necessarily all pure memorization type questiontheyre like a short answer question where you get to choose the options She really recommends that when were studying that we go over the material as if we could tell it as a storyif we can explain it as a story here are the main ideaswhy do we think that heres the experiment that supports it Thats what we should doso not so much memorizing a list of factsthats just her recommendation Of course this doesnt mean you have to do it her way but dont just focus on memorizing for multiple choice hereshort answer here Shell post the question number probably on Tuesday Were going to be in the physics buildingshes going to post the exact address online as well Office hours before the test Shes not having office hour from 56 before the testit doesnt make much sense She is going to offer extra office hours So what she wants to do now is to tryfigure out a time that most people will be able to attend Thursday from 46 is office hoursreminder will be on the website If you cant make itwant to make an appointment you can do thatyou can ask on Blackboard discussion board as well For those of us who didnt pick up our first Coglab she has them with hershes going to hand them back during the break bc its confusing if people are fighting over the labs Today were continuing memory but what were going to be talking about this time isnt the different systems but the different processes Todays Goalsso how do we get memory intake them out Were just going to Introduce3memoryprocessesEncodingintroduce those processes that she briefly explained last classthen Storagewere going to talk about the different memory systemsRetrieval Were going to finish up by talking about some situations where Discusshoweachprocessworksineachmemorythose systems go wrongwe could have memory distortions Thats systemthe plan for todayInvestigatesomemechanismsofmemorydistortions So memory has 3 main processesshe mentioned them last class encoding storageretrieval Encoding is how info gets into Memory ProcessesMemoryinvolves3stagesmemory storage is just holding it thereretrieval is how we get it out of memoryEncodingRetrieval So today when were talking about retrieval sometimes were going Storageto be talking about recall taskssometimes recognition tasksForgetting Now she also added in forgetting here Officially forgetting isnt one of the memory processes we talk about but its definitely Lastclasswediscussedstoragesomething associated with memoryshe added it in bw the storage HowmuchcanwestoreHowlongcanwestoreit retrieval stage in the diagram bc we can think of forgetting as a Whatformtowekeepitinfailure of storage so we just dont have it Or we can think of forgetting as a failure of retrieval so its there but we cant get at it So were going to be talking about both of those today Now we dont have forgetting at the stage of encoding bc if it has never gone into memory in the first place then obviously we arent forgetting if we cant get it out So forgetting is a problem with storage or retrieval So last class we talked mostly about storageso we talked about how much we can store how long we can store it forwhat form it is inso we talked about the limiting factors in the codeToday were going to largely focus on retrieval but were going to do a little bit of reviewsomewhat covering encodingstorage we didnt talk about last class So she wants to start off with a review of encodingstorage that we talked about short term memory last class We didnt really refer STM Encoding and Storage Reviewto them specifically as encodingstorage but we did talk about EncodingAttentiontransfersinformationfromsensorymemorythemtoSTM Shes going to ask us for short term memory how did we talk about Storageinfo getting in We talked about how a process that we use to get info Primarilycodedandstoredacousticallyfrom sensory memory into STMattention exactly So we attend CanbecodedvisuallyCanbecodedsemanticallyinfo it can go into STM We talked about storagewe talked about how info is coded What StoragemaintenanceStoredinthesamecodeasitisencodedforashortis the structure what is the code for STM We talked about two timebutcanbemaintainedviarehearsaldifferent codes but there was one main code that we tend to use for STMdo you remember what that is Acoustic yeahso if we can encode something acoustically we do If we cant code it easily acoustically what do we do Visual exactly We can also which we didnt talk about last class code things semantically in STMso code things by meaning So now were going to leave this but were going to talk about some experimental evidence not too long ago that shows us that we can encode info semantically in STM
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