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Lecture 5

Lecture 5 - Lecture and Thought

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Craig Chambers

PSY274 Intro to Human Communication Lecture 5 October 15 2013 Conversational Behavior So FarThe nature of human communication Human vs animal communication spoken language sign language cospeech gestureBeginning today Unit IILanguage in relation to other psychological domains Language In Relation to Other Psychological DomainsCognition thinkingSocial decisions case study advertisingInterpersonal interaction conversationToday Conversational BehaviorStarting point It is not enough to know the inventory of symbols in your language accompanying paralinguistic and gestural cues etcSuccessful communication involves knowing HOW to use language in a socially sophisticated wayTopics to be Covered Starting point using artificial intelligence AI to gain insights into conversation behavior Cooperation in conversationo Turntaking o Sentence structuringo Common ground and referenceDetails in the act of speaking disfluencies and their effects o Production o PreparationUsing artificial intelligence to gain insights into the psychology of conversational interacton Psychology of Communication Goals of DisciplineEssentially an enterprise of Reverse engineeringStart with fully functioning system mindbrain try to deconstruct how it works scientificallyArtificial IntelligenceGoal runs in opposite direction to createbuild a fully functioning systemSuccesses and failures can highlight the important properties of the fully functioning systemHistorical Development1960s conversational simulation eg ELIZA using textbased systemTurning Test Competition Featureso Stimulusresponse doesnt speak unless spoken to o Canned sentences selected based on occurrence of particular words OR partial repetition of previous sentence o Simple pronoun reversals I in inputyou in response
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