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Lecture 10

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Craig Chambers

PSY274 Lecture 10Fill in the blank oo Common ground o Iconic gesture o Relative frame of reference TEST Short Answerso 1 Part from lecture or part from readings week 6 task sequence to objects to cue people to look at things not previously hard to name objects in class unnamed experiment visual displays cue something new or not talked about before Correct description Describe experiment Result What it meanso 2 Describe emblems metaphoric gestures and iconic gestures Emblem is culturally specific waving like hi and bye dont requireMetaphoric gestures rolling in hand like continuity in time moving hand in horizontal fashion holding fingers together cant be used on their ownIconic gestures shape of object or how its located in space 1 point for description of each1 point for interpretative with o 3 Whether staring were automatic or reflexive Attention cueing task 2 points for methodology Reaction time is slower compared to baseline even when the cue is not predictive 1 point for result1 point for final questionGaze gesture does not trigger automatic o 4 Spatial terms and thinking Lecture 7Dominant frame of reference Behaviours of speakers of the GY need to be absolutely oriented can estimate cardinal points of less than 14 degrees arrangement of shape on table top will arrange the new set of objects relevant to the cardinal points of the original shapes 1 point for language2 for thinking1 point for conclusion o 5 Languagethought Week 7 lecture
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