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Craig Chambers

L&5' ftt f6,rore TZrt; ', Iqderq - *{*ffi l':fintr} t,'Fu} Legtf* Prerq+. I - S-*"l,AfitP rpF q"ti{tr/ s *4$= {Rc7\:an Ls 6f tr"L'tUt4 ,;m "?A{--# rntt ' ft:tt'{" t.r:c t !,t_ ttr v.t *lo 36? f.}{.4 l,t"hF w) *f#n {euW. 1-lar*:[:&e*i,gr, *o" *tt*'t, -s-hC-rtfa,{*rb c-. f.t}lat ffri:tfuu,,ttr1ae"-{ :Srgi,15 r:it{.?- Tho-.1-C t.l"lr'f,l,-tn.y z:-->a1\\r1..e$ 4df*v;tlr ,;r [r t ruf f,t,- ut-n ir: o-iv t.{-tU: ddr*}&;ld &"y, flu. v'wd,s*r. I i l/'1 fi'ts+,lt ri - I$"^ { J\ sr,L,"$ n' o.{eLl[y , 3- *:q*j . -- .{&"\ @- fi-J$ru* o*i'"k*$ltf?po* f F&p'qe-r,i'" g'yTlU*rJ r*r fl,u,"*-s,:}, r F?w4 !of F erq{ +V\a g,,rnr*d 4nlt-, x**(* -d- c--.c.vr:-t& q:r*l* qn"ry'r e4*"t$rnv a'"r{i* c>i,*g'{i'e9'f. 5;*t3'*n*{ u/ S ig; F;; 13Lfu,t* Ot' "t / # 'F"g*" ttfs, : |*S b\ -:*.,g q"rfl&{. gwxt G & *f -,ou-{' *-{l,a*;f a:"t",uitk:$, '--/ Sa'*lt L4 r,neS rr-#fld***d e:,.K'tr'rx h.\P - F i 'F t lz- Li:rvwlt:r I fl1 *o $-4"*rg"\, 1r,u'lr+l11{*..u , &'}r{x1r'}tl.rr'\l:*'{t''"'c{"{u'1rr1'"1b.+f d ut 'td"{acil*: *"t 4 4y*,r tI"* t tl -*,c,0,*t:'3 b*..,{- fl"$.6 .{ 6 f-*rf"J Ltarle L-illr f,*fff,"rt*fh q S["rrr.'1., lr:../t,t-,[.K {"} ts'qq: f*+r il daf*t , tl''*,.rtYafr15r-".r.- rv"1a1;*,"1.r.>t:t,Ls:^ ,;1g'trry*,Je.""-! *{,-, $ot't F* *$'*,* $*so{* ** CIrr-..p t{k\V ['^ nn & ted }dr f e1. gtffEs 4 #'dpl.'ta**e.f 6li rlit? urefifu r,ry Ehe.*d , n4 crr n {"tr&,F t J c:. 49-,*5s ft vq" *k-b*''r-f"' 5x* jI rh&no'fr'*,, ):*'*, ri &" rr'# rip.f fo*** ffrb'*p U Ai (t irl a,-sF e\ r{'ill-{ qrS w"y ll*vt/1'r1*redt {* ll S4A / fi*f fr} F;,:.g"\ I ["*o* G {f .q, ,,,f*g; .r" V'i"::ri'6* 'l fla r \ *-\r.*fr* 4.**4' lp*tl,t. fU{e * P*n'rtf t's* St p** +t*o1*r'0t,,r Coyl 5ri tdn f *.t' \h iaE,!l'\i{ ff'tr"?;, f T \c-3 'rfCve"4"si./- P*K#h*t"Ft \* {1"t"\p6te *r s6 P-tft-.*c.'r"il',.1 ff.-( ii flu r&.*;*'isbn*t'{tWf 4,t*.U*trt{j ry-'t1"e'bvn*tt, fl1"*";{, /trrfifrflr'f n*f-f-ttlgnr.,fr: is t"':r f*\,S'"g{"{: ct ftJ".* $*o,{
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