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Stuart Kamenetsky

PSY311 Lecture 1 Jan 6 Wht is social development?  Social development is a branch of developmental psychology. We see child development as a major theme or approach not branch. Cuz u may study perception/cognitive/social If ure interested in these of children, then it is developmental psychology  subfield that studies: - “Changes over time in the child’s understanding of attitudes toward and actions with others” - “the small child’s activities and feelings control of emotions and will” Includes affective, cognitive and social aspects of development The child has to see the mother.  Social psychology focuses on how we relate to others and how others influence our behaviors, feelings and thoughts Adults vs children Sociology is different. Focus on a grp. Social psychology focus on individual Wht study children?  Study children cuz of interest. Wht is my child suppose to do at age x? - Practical implications:  Wht we expect at a certain age. Making curriculums.  Wht is normal vs abnormal. What shld be able to do wht is not/ - Theoretical implications: lg acquisition  Wht dun read and write b4 talk?  Why alwys talk, read write. In this order?  Why puberty hv during that age. Not other period.  Also cuz of interest in adults. To understand why sdults behave the way they do. - Wht would life be like if im the only child, - if I had many siblings, - if parents got divorced. - If we didn’t immigrate to Canada. - Mother is in depression. Wht may be the impact? Historical perspective  Evolutionary development of the field  2 periods of social development research 1. Emergence: baby biographies 2. Middle period: maturationalist approach: there’s a biological blueprint that unfolds. Understand the chart and provide a diagram to understand the sequence Not asking questions about why. Its all biological driven. Kids will go thru puberty no matter what. - Env approach: determine how child learns - Socializations: psychoanalytic and sociological theory.
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