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Lecture 2

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Stuart Kamenetsky

PSY311 Lecture 2 Jan 8 Goals of research:  Explorations: to determine whether or not a phenomenon exists  Eg some people work there  Descriptions: examining a phenomenon to more fully define it or to differentiate it from another phenomenon  Eg some old people go to the mall to social ized  Prediction: identifying relationships that enable us to speculate abt one thing by knowing about some other thing ***correlational reasons is very different from casual relationships  Explanation: examining cause and effect relationships. Experimental research that manipulates variables with control grp, dependent and independent variable Descriptive methods are alwys popular as a result of: In this field replies on naturalistic observation  Urgent and applied need for descriptive info abot age changes. Eg wht is the standard age to development. Milestones.  Influence of ethology (descriptions classification and analysis of animal behavior) cant manipulate anythg. Jus observe.  Electronic recording which permits observation and analysis of complex behavior. Eg feeding child when child doesn’t want to eat, parents find fun ways to get them to eat. Naturalistic observation  Is the study of behavior in its natural setting. Also called field stud  First step to understanding behavior  More natural and realistic than experiment or questionnaire  Appropriate for studying children cuz they are prone to behaving differently in an unnatural when in a new env with many strangers, mom lets child on the floor, will cry and request to be picked up. Cling on parents.  Its main limitation is the lack of control over an off the variables involved Basic types of observational methods: observe records rather then designing an experiment  Diary descriptions: recording of developmental changes that occur demands prolonged and frequent contact with the child  Adv: many info. Wont miss anything. Great richness  Dis: long hrs of contact with child. Parents need no
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