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Lecture 6

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Simone Walker

Psy311 Lecture 6January 22 2014Factors That Effect Infants Development continuedParental beliefs what parents know and believe about the nature of child development affected to a large degree by culture Some practice active parenting others dont There are cohort differences Different cultures have different world views about parenting There is a tendency to believe is that life is tough and in western world since life is tough then life better be good for children so over indulgence in raising children In other cultures like in India they also have the belief that life is tough so parents try to prepare them from a young age parents are stricter during adolescence in India SES how much money and education you have If well education and money you will have more to invest in the children Mother vs Father Mothers assume primary role Despite our modern views mother assume primary role Mothers mostly go on maternity leave Dads accept this role of mothersBoth parents respond in similar ways to infants cues This is good for survival in case mom dies during childbirthMoms are more like
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