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Simone Walker

Psy311 Lecture 1January 6 2014Mondays Tuesday Wednesday 24 office hoursThis is an infancy and childhood course The research paper is a basic research paperWhat is Social DevelopmentA branch of developmental psychology There are other branches as well such as cognitive psychology Developmental psychology is a major theme that attaches all areas of psychologySubfield that studiesochanges over time in the childs understanding of attitudes toward and actions with others Hartup 1991 oWe never look at age as a causal factor oWhat kids think about social situationsoHow the child changes in terms of his or her understanding for example playing relationships Stanley Hall Father of American Psychology studied the small childs activities and feelings control of emotions and will White 1992oFor example trigger of emotionsIncludes affective cognitive and social aspects of development oWe cannot study these aspects of development in isolation they occur together For example perception and cognition have to develop before other attachments can developSocial Psychology focuses on how we relate to others and how others influence our behaviors feelings and thoughts oSociology is different from this because it focuses on a group of people but social psychology focuses on individualWhy Are Children Studied
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