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Lecture 2

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Simone Walker

Psy311 Lecture 2January 8 2014Methods of Study ContinuedChange over time is a primary concern continued Age is the variable we are interested inoMeta analyses of studies of distinct age groupsAge is not the key variable here but look at the various different studies that ask similar questions It is a statistical type of study Look at large body of research Goals of ResearchExploration to determine whether a phenomenon exists Exploration is not a majorissuegoal in the developmental psychology unless it is something that we have not seen that much in the past for example children brought up by same sex parentsDescription examination of phenomenon to more fully define it or to differentiate it from other phenomena It is like a second step after you know that a phenomenon exists Understand the sub phenomenaPrediction identifying relationships that enable us to speculate about one thing by knowing about some other thing Use a variable to try to predict another variable So we use age to predic
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