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University of Toronto Mississauga
Simone Walker

1Psy311 Lecture 7January 27 201440 multiple choice8 from each1012 definitions3 of 4 written answered questions from lecturesome will be directly knowledge basedother maybe focused on understanding the materialAttachmentChilds first relationship is generally referred to as an attachment oLong lasting emotionally meaningful tied to a particular individual First relationship the child has to a particular individual Relationship is usually very strong and reciprocal oSo not a one way relationship with closeness need from both directionsDistinction between attachment and attachment behavior oAttachment Hypothesized internal system that organizes the childs feelings we dont exactly know how it works but it organizes how the child feels oAttachment behavior external needs in expressing these feelings oWe always have to make the distinction between what we infer and what we have observed They have different purposes Attachment behavior is good for clinicians to see that the child is developing normally Attachment as an internal system is a theoreticalwhere did it come from How does it help the child developDistinction between attachment as a biologically based system within as individual and dyadic relationship between individuals Attachment is Characterized bySelectivity focus on specific individuals oAs long as the child is cared for and is normal the child will be happy but gradually that changes so that the child wants a particular individual The attachment becomes selective The children will protestSeeking of physical proximityoClearly behavioral The child wants to be close to the attachment figure They will ask to be picked up cry crawl over cling smile to make themselves look cute so that the parent doesnt leave These behaviors gradually turn from fixed action patters to deliberate behavior to keep the parent in close proximity
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